"Dāna - generosity, an attitude of giving". The participation of each participant in this container has been paid for by the Dāna of another member of the Ananda Tribe. Ananda is changing the world, one Breath at a time & the generosity of our tribe propels this movement forwards.

Ananda 21-Day Breathwork Challenge

It's your time! Listen to your intuition & book in for our next intake now, this will change your life...

What you'll get:

  • Access to bespoke daily Breathwork flows
  • Weekly themes unlocking intuition; identity/self love & manifestation
  • A supportive group container to share daily gratitude's, affirmations & connect with like-minded individuals
  • Life changing, tools, knowledge, & connections to take forward with you...

This will give you lifetime access to an exclusive library of breathwork flows used in previous intakes of this challenge.

What People Are Saying:

I have noticed the positive effects in regard to anxiety levels and my ability to fall asleep at night

Tony P

The container has connected me with amazing souls and created an opportunity for me to become vulnerable and do some real healing

Bryn C

I have taken away the best, life changing tools which bring pure enjoyment in to my daily routine.

Alicia H

I noticed such a change in myself physically and mentally. Pain free in my body for the first time in years!!

Angela H

I've gained the confidence to connect with my inner child & nurture her through breathwork.

Desma G

I've been able to be open to opportunities around me and attract more of what I really want from life.

Dane S